Chapter Guide

A Flower for Your Thoughts: I like flowers. I wear a flower in my hair every day. My first job is at a flower nursery. You could call me obsessed. Anyway, I know a bit about flowers and every once in a while, I write a post about flowers just because why not?

Chapter Guide: The page you should always go to if you’re looking for something specific but don’t know where to look, or if curious about what the point to a specific category/page/important post is. It’s the one you’re on right now, by the way.

Daily Holidays: For a while I made a post every day highlighting one of the day’s holidays. I decided to stop when I realized how complicated holidays are. Seriously, some of them aren’t official holidays, but are still official by some standards. It’s just complicated. But you can look at the posts I made here.

Dark: If you’re specifically looking for poems that are dark, you’ll find all of my poetry that’s dark here.

Elements of the Story: Just a short overview of who I am and what my blog is about, as well as a lesson on the elements of a story.

Excerpts: A category filled with posts about me and my life, from my family to my day to day life, from memories to facts about me.

Fiction by Me: The fiction I’ve written and chosen to post.

Flash Fiction: All of the flash fiction that I’ve written can be found here. Note that flash fiction is a variation of short fiction, and short fiction that is not flash fiction can be found in the category “Short Fiction.”

Home: The place where your heart is. (Just kidding, it’s just the place in my blog where everything is. The newest posts appear at the top.)

Humorous/Fun: If you’re specifically looking for poems that are humorous/fun, you’ll find all of my poetry that’s humorous/fun here.

Love: If you’re specifically looking for poetry about love, you’ll find all of my poetry about love here.

Miscellaneous: Basically just a collection of all the posts I’ve written that have nothing to do with writing. Most of them, I wrote before I decided what I wanted to do with my blog. Some of them, I’ve written because why not? I suppose it would be a good place to go when you’re bored.

My Writing: All of the pieces I’ve written—fiction, poetry, nonfiction—and posted, collected into one place.

Nonfiction by Me: This is where I post any nonfiction stories I write. I don’t really know where this category is going yet, but I’ve moved any posts about me that I really love to this category. Most of them, you’ll also find under the category “Excerpts.”

Non-Rhyming: If you’re specifically looking for poems that don’t rhyme, you’ll find all of my poetry that doesn’t rhyme here.

Once Upon a Dream: If I ever remember a dream well, I’ll write it down and post it. It’s very rare that I remember dreams, though, so there aren’t many posts in this category.

Photo Album: A collection of all the pictures on my blog that actually belong to me, as well as short summaries beneath each picture telling you what post they’re a part of.

Poetry Backstory: The story of how I got into poetry, the trials I faced in the beginning, and how I overcame those trials and stuck with writing. It’ll make more sense if/when you read it.

Poetry by Me: The poetry that I’ve written and chosen to post.

Q&A Through Storytelling: A segment where I use storytelling to answer a super random question that doesn’t have an official answer. Or maybe it does, and I just come up with some more fun answer. Either way, the story style is similar to tall tales and myths. If you come up with any questions you’d like me to answer, let me know!

Quotes: Just quotes I like and wanted to share.

Random Characters: Sometimes, when I’m bored, I’ll look around online for a fun character questionare/outline, then create a random character using it. It’s just for fun, and I rarely actually use the characters for anything. It’s just good practice. You should try it as well! It’s fun!

Random Thoughts: Exactly what you think it is. This is where I stick any weird thoughts or ramblings I have and choose to talk about. It’s… Definitely a look at the oddity that is my mind.

Rhyming: If you’re specifically looking for poems that rhyme, you’ll find all of my poetry that rhymes here.

Short Fiction: Any short stories I’ve written go here. Note that flash fiction, which is a variation of short fiction, is in a separate category “Flash Fiction.”

Sincerely, Hope: A major post assignment I did for my Creative Writing class. It’s meant to be a “who am I” post, so I wrote it as a letter to the world and basically told the world to stop judging me and accept me for who I am.

Story Analyses: My (not very good) story analyses. There are very few because I don’t get much time to read, which is really sad, but that’s life for you.

Style: A (maybe, kind of, sort of) humorous discussion thing about my style when writing poetry. It’s set up as a bullet point list.

The Written Word: Anything that has to do with writing that isn’t my original work goes here. For now, quotes are under this category as well.

Updates: When I have anything important to say about what’s going on in my life or my blog, I’ll make an update post. Rather than delete them whenever whatever happened is over, I keep them all here so that if you’re out of commision for a while, you won’t be lost.

Writing 101: My little segment where I give writing tips and help. I try to make these posts humorous, but I really don’t know how to be funny.

Writing Help: Having trouble finding inspiration? Can’t find the websites you need to make your writing superb? This category is dedicated to helping you out with any of your writing needs.

Writing Tips: This is where you’ll find all my posts about how to write and how to make your writing better. I have all sorts of guides, from how to use tropes to why you need to vary your sentence length. It’s a great place to go If you want to better your writing.