Hey guys! Been a while, hasn’t it?

So I just wanna say, I’m really sorry. I lied in my last update. I said I would try to post at least once or twice a week, and I didn’t. It’s been a long time since my last post, actually…

Basically, I worked at this plant nursery for the summer, and the boss was terrible. Like, he had this terrible attitude and yelled at people even when they did something right, and nearly everyone quit because of it. So, I ended up working twenty-four/seven to make up for all the lost workers.

It was… Yeah. You can imagine.

Anyway, I finally quit this past Thursday so that I could free myself up for the rest of the summer until I head off to college on the fifteenth.

That’s right! I’m moving into college on August 15th, and I’m soooooo excited!!!! I would have posted sooner, but I’ve been going crazy with shopping, organizing, and spending time with friends and family. I’m actually still going crazy with all of that stuff, but I decided it’s about time that I apologized.

Is this a promise to post more often?

No, not necessarily.

This is more of an update to let you guys know that I haven’t forgotten about this blog. If I write any new poems that I’m satisfied with, I’ll post them. If I find some inspiration, I’ll write something for Writing 101. If a random short story comes to mind, I’ll post that.

Basically, I’ll try to post more often, but no promise. I don’t know what college will be like yet, but I’ll at least try to post on weekends.

So, yeah. I hope you all had a great summer, and I hope the year has been good to you so far.

I wish you the best in writing! And to you students, I wish you the best in your return to school. I hope this blog helps you in becoming a stronger and more confident writer.

Until next time, happy writing!!!



I’m sorry I haven’t been posting for a while!!!

Please don’t hate me. I have multiple good excuses.

Well, I have one main excuse. I’ve been super busy. I just graduated from high school (as you may know) and things have been… hectic.

I’ve been going to open houses, planning and hosting an open house, attending family get-togethers, planning for college, attending graduation, worrying about costs and scholarships, scheduling college classes, working, and doing whatever else comes up.

It’s even crazier than it sounds.

But, hey! Today I went to my college campus for orientation, and now I’m basically past the overload of craziness! I still have work and need to clean up after my open house, not to mention plan for college, but tomorrow is my first day off in a while.

That means I can start posting again!

Well… I can try.

Overall, I’ll have trouble posting daily, but I’ll at least try to post once or twice a week.

Anyway, I swear I haven’t abandoned this blog. Like, no way! I love this blog! My life is just going crazy right now, and my mind is all over the place. As soon as I can settle down, I can go back to giving writing advice.

Remember, let me know what help you need! Otherwise, I won’t know what to post!

A special thanks to all of you who are sticking with me. You guys must be as crazy as me. If you’re new…

Welcome to the crazy world of Cullers!

Poetic Graduation Speech

The most meaningful video to me as I graduate…

As some of you may know from reading my past posts and/or (maybe?) my profile, I’m graduating from high school.

You might also know from my profile and past posts that this whole blog began as a semester-long assignment for my creative writing class (it will be continued, by the way).

Well, at the end of my last creative writing class, our (super-amazing-awesome) teacher played this video for us. At first, I thought it was whatever. Then, about a minute in, I was in complete awe of this guy.

Whether you’re graduating or not, check out this video. It’s a graduation speech given through spoken word poetry, and it’s the best speech ever. I am such a fan, and I honestly can’t express the extent of my emotions for this. Just watch it, and you’ll understand.

This link will take you to YouTube to watch the video (I couldn’t get the video here on my blog, sadly, so a link was the only option. Apologies).

It ends at about 5:30. After that is just a bunch of applauding.

This is just so incredibly relatable for me, and I love it so much. I wish I was good at spoken word poetry. Maybe one day…



What Happened to the Holidays???

Why I’m not posting daily holidays anymore.

Just a quick update on the Daily Holidays/Holiday Philosophy. I don’t think I’ll be continuing them. As much as I love celebration and daily holidays, I just don’t have the time. I’ll leave the stuff up for it, but I won’t be posting anything new on it. At least, not regularly.

Please forgive me! I’ll still post poetry and other stuff if I feel inspired to do so, but I don’t think my posts will really be regular anymore. But we’ll just have to see what the future brings!


Sorry I haven’t posted in a bit. Life has taken over a bit. Guard is over and I sort of feel like I’m wondering through a dream right now. I’m reading Me Before You by Jojo Moyes, which is a wonderful and perfect read that you should all look into. I have to revise all of the poetry I’ve written for Creative Writing and choose ten to make a poetry portfolio out of to turn in (it’s much harder than it sounds, trust me).

Oh, and I have to plan what I’m doing for prom, my graduation open house, and I have to get a job.

Life just doesn’t like me right now.

Where Am I??? (An Update on the Next Few Days)

Hey guys! What’s up? I just wanted to give you guys a bit of an update.

For one, you might have noticed I missed a couple of Sundays. Basically, weekends are the hardest times for me to post because of competitions and catching up on homework, so sometimes I might miss. Sorry about that, though I guess it won’t impact any of you too much…

Also, my posts will become very irregular starting on the 17th, which is Thursday, and will be irregular for an unknown amount of time. See, my family will be moving into a new house on the seventeenth, so I’ll be missing school to help out and we probably won’t get wifi for a bit.

But Hope! Won’t it only be a few days until you get wifi?

Well, that would be the case, but Friday night, the Guard’s leaving for a trip to Bowling Green, Kentucky for competition. We’ll be there until Sunday. I may have wifi at the hotel, but I won’t know until we get there.

But Hope! That’s only until Sunday! What about after that?

My family is actually going to Florida after that for about a week. They’re picking me up on Sunday and we’re driving the rest of the way down. Now, I would try to post down there, but we own a condo on Fort Myers Beach and, for some reason I will never understand, there’s no wifi. If I want internet connection, I have to go across the street, and I can’t exactly do that every day.

I would set up some posts to go up over the next few days, but I really don’t like doing that, so I’ll just do my best to post as often as possible.

Just wanted to let you guys know what’s going on right now! I’ll set this as a static front page until I’m back from my trip. If you want to see my newest posts, check out the side bar “This Just In”. Until I get rid of the static front page, that’s where you’ll find my newest posts.

Have a wonderful next few days!