Today’s Holiday: I Want You To Be Happy Day

March 3, 2016.

Who knows who the creator of this day was, but they were definitely one brilliant person!

imageToday is all about making people smile. Because of this, the options of how you might celebrate are very diverse. You could give someone a flower and watch them grin from its beauty, or tell someone a joke just to hear them laugh, or play a game with someone because games are awesome.

But today isn’t just about making others smile. It’s about making you smile. You see, the whole point in today is that, by making others smile, you end up grinning yourself. When other people are happy, you’re happy.

It’s a proven fact.

Don’t worry, I’ve done the research.

imageSeriously, though. Happiness is like a virus (a good one, obviously). It spreads. A giggle can turn into a room filled with laughter. A bad joke can turn into a lengthy and hilarious game. A simple smile can change someone’s entire world.

Change someone’s world today. Make someone happy. Bring them joy. You never know how it might impact them.

Or how it might impact you.

I made the choice a year or so ago to be happy. I want to be happy, so I will be happy. In everything that happens to me, good or bad, I find joy. Why shouldn’t I? Everything is an experience, and experiences are what make life worth living. There is joy in everything, if only you choose to see it.

Have a wonderful day of celebration and happiness!


Picture sources: A Year of Holidays

The Cougar Call