A Place for Us

It’s strange to think that, after everything,
it’s time to say goodbye.
I can’t very well imagine a world
without a flag in my hands
or a show in my mind, but
I suppose I’ll have to try.
Four years of my life, gone in a flash.
It’s impossible to grasp that
my time has come.
I’m moving on
to bigger and better things,
and though I’m nervous,
I’m ready.
I know whatever happens,
whatever trials I face,
I will overcome.
This Guard has shown me
the strength that I have
when I fight.
The lessons I have learned
through long days under a blazing sun,
through endless hours in a too-bright gym,
through scrapes and bruises and pain,
have helped me grow into
someone better.
I no longer fear
the glare of a spotlight.
I no longer believe
in limitations.
In the midst of exhaustion, I’ll remember
and I’ll push myself just a little further.
I’ll never give up
because a true Guard Girl
is stronger than that.
And no matter where I go,
no matter what I face,
I’ll never forget that nervous excitement
as I step onto the floor with my girls,
as I face the crowd in Dayton arena,
as I set my equipment and take deep breaths,
as I find my place for the beginning of the show,
as I hear the words, “Is the Guard ready?”,
as I feel it all leave me in one final breath.
And I’ll remember that feeling
when the show music starts
and all that’s left is

*(Note: It took me a long time to manage to write this. This is basically my farewell to Guard. I’ve finished off my last season, and now that whole piece of my life is over. It’s been hard to comprehend, but I’m coping alright. The title of the poem was the show title for this past season.)

Picture source: *I’m looking for the perfect picture. I’ll get one up soon, pinkie promise!*

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