Why Do We Dance in the Rain?

Answering life’s most impossible questions through the power of storytelling.

Millions of years ago, when mankind was no longer new but still relatively young, there was born to this world a girl. She was no different from any of the other girls born at the time. Sure, she had her own unique attributes, but she didn’t particularly stand out in a crowd. She was just a normal girl, with a normal family and normal friends. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Now, by this point in history, magic still existed in the world. However, the magic was a commonality in everyday life, and so was generally ignored and forgotten. This usually wasn’t much of an issue, as most of the magical things were happy to just be with their own kind. Or, if they were the only of their kind, they were happy to watch the world as it grew and breathed and lived.

The girl knew nothing of this. Why would she? She was just a normal girl, after all. If no one else knew, why would she?

Of course, as I’m sure you’ve already guessed, the girl did eventually learn of such things. The day she learned of such things was not a particularly special day. Just as any other day, the girl woke up in the morning a little after sunrise and hurried downstairs to begin her chores (because, back then, the entire day was spent doing chores). I would go through her list of chores, but it was a rather long list and I’m sure you don’t actually care about such details. So, just know she had already done quite a bit before the afternoon came, at which point she set out to gather herbs.

The girl wasn’t particularly excited to gather herbs, as it was a rather rainy day, but she knew better than to complain and was on her way in no time. The rain quickly soaked through her clothes, and before she even reached the woods where the herbs could be found, she was fed up. And after two hours of it not letting up, she found herself glaring at the sky.

“Would you please just stop?” She yelled into the rain. “I’m trying to do my chores, and you’re making my life very difficult!”

She, of course, didn’t expect the sky to respond, and she thought she was losing her mind when she heard a rumbling voice murmur, “I’m sorry, dear girl, I’m just so sad.”

The girl dropped her basket of herbs (which she would regret later when her mother yelled at her for it) and stared at the still-stormy sky. “Did… Did the sky just talk to me?”

A burst of wind blew into her, almost as if the sky had just huffed in annoyance. “Excuse me, I’m not the sky. I’m just Sky, with a capital S, thank you very much.”

The girl continued to stare at the sky—sorry, Sky—for a few moments before stammering out the first thing that came to mind, which just so happened to be, “Why are you sad?”

The girl heard a soft rumbling that she thought could be a laugh. “How could I not be sad? Every day, I watch the life that exists on the world below. It’s beautiful, really. I can see everything from up here: Every birth, every success, every smile. And though I never meet any of you down there, I still find myself loving each and every one of you, and everything that makes each of you different.”

Sky paused, and when the pause became too long, the girl asked, “So why are you sad? That seems like a wonderful existence.”

Again, the girl heard the soft rumbling of a laugh. “It would be. But I don’t just see the things that bring you joy. I also see your pain and fears and misery. I see you suffer, see your tears. And I’ve watched as each and every one of you eventually dies. It brings me such great pain to see any of you upset, but that pain is nothing compared to how I feel when one of you leaves this world.”

The rain came down harder and when lightning flashed, the girl recognized it as Sky lashing out in anger. And when thunder rumbled in the distance, the girl recognized it as a sob.

The girl swallowed down the sudden tightness in her throat. “I’m sorry,” she eventually stuttered out. “Is there any way… I mean, is there anything I can do to make you feel better?”

There was a moment of silence, then, “I really don’t know. No one has ever asked me that before…” Sky trailed off, but the rain seemed to lighten ever so slightly.

The girl pondered this for a moment. “Well…” she began, “Is there anything that we humans do that brings you joy? Anything in particular?”

Another moment of silence, then, “Well… I always enjoy watching you humans dance.” The girl was surrounded by a soft rumbling of laughter. “The way you all move in time with your music, how your faces light up, your laughter reaching all the way up to my ears…”

The girl didn’t let herself think about how terrible of a dancer she was, or how she had eventually given up on dancing and just learned how to play an instrument instead. She didn’t let herself debate how she’d never been the best instrumentalist either. The girl didn’t think about any of this as she took a deep breath and started hopping around.

“What are you doing?” Sky asked in surprise.

“Dancing!” The girl called up in the middle of what was supposed to be a leap but was really just flailing. “To cheer you up!”

There was only a second of silence before Sky shook with its laughter. The girl grinned and continued her manic movements. It was difficult dancing without music, but after a bit, she realized that she did, in fact, have music. Every sound of life and movement in the world around her was music, and she danced along to its beat.

The girl only stopped when she realized the rain had let up. She blinked and looked around at the dripping trees, then looked up at Sky.

“Do you feel better now?” She asked.

“Yes,” Sky said in the whispery voice of the wind. “Thank you.”

The girl grinned. “No problem! Any time you feel sad, all of us down here will be happy to make you happy again!”

Sky chuckled, and the sound moved like a comforting wind. “You should be off. Your family is waiting for you to return.”

The girl gasped. “Oh! That’s right!” She took off running but skidded to a stop after just a few paces. The girl turned to look at Sky and waved. “I’ll talk with you again later!” She called up.

“I look forward to it,” Sky said, and the girl was off.

The girl ended up telling everyone of the tale, and from that day on, whenever it rained, they would all join together and dance in it so that Sky would be happy once again.


50 Original and Entertaining Writing Prompts

Fun, crazy, entertaining and completely original writing prompts that I’ve created for your writing needs!

Are you looking for some original writing prompts, but can’t seem to find them anywhere? Have you scoured the Internet for a prompt that actually inspires some thought, to no avail?

Well, do I have the list for you!

All of the prompts on this list, I’ve come up with myself! They’re all entirely original, created straight from my mind. Unless somebody decides to copy them (in which case they’d need to cite/link to this page), you won’t find them anywhere else!

I’ve done my best to make them crazy, entertaining, and fun, so I suggest having fun and being crazy when writing based on them. And whatever it turns into, just keep going. You never know, it could turn into an amazing original story! Or an amazing poem. Or and amazing flash fiction. Or an amazing… Something else. This list isn’t specified to any one form of writing. Write whatever you please!

So there a two main ways to do this:

  • One is to read through these and choose one that you think you can write off of.
  • The other is to pick a random number (or have a friend give you a random number) between 1 and 50, then write based on the prompt that corresponds with that number.

Both ways work fine, but I would suggest the second way. It’s the random option, and forcing yourself to write based on a random prompt can turn into a pretty entertaining piece. It may not be good, but you can always revise it later.

Remember: You don’t have to stick to the prompt. If you deviate from it, it’s totally okay. Just keep writing what wants to be written.

Also, though the majority of these prompts say you’re the one affected, you can write from any person (first, second, or third) and you can always write from a different perspective if you so choose.

Original Writing Prompts

  1. You are a zombie in a zombie apocalypse… And you’re also a vegetarian. Write a piece as this character/from this perspective.
  2. You just discovered that you can talk to fruit. Write a piece based on the conversation and events that come from this.
  3. A comb was randomly found at the scene of a crime, but no one knows how it got there! Tell the comb’s story.
  4. Perry the Platypus just showed up on the door and somehow communicated to you that he needs you for a mission. Write about the awesome adventure that follows.
  5. You know that phrase “pain is beauty?” Well, it might just be real after all. You’ve discovered a pair of heels that literally change the way you look so that whoever looks at you sees the perfect person (in regards to beauty). The real trouble is, the heels are eight inches tall and cut in at all the wrong places. Write a piece with this in mind.
  6. Your best friend just got turned into ice cream… In the middle of summer. Write… Well, you might want to start with how that even happened, but you can start wherever.
  7. Write from the perspective of the (or a piece of) candy in a candy shop. What are their thoughts as they wait to get chosen? Do they want to be eaten? What are their goals and aspirations?
  8. Flying pigs are trying to take over the world and you’ve discovered their plans, but no one will believe you. Tell your story in this instance.
  9. Weird creatures that look like apples are running around and eating people’s pants. Write about everyone’s reactions and the attempts to get rid of the apple creatures.
  10. A socially awkward unicorn appears out if nowhere and needs your help. Write about whatever commences.
  11. You’ve just discovered the Ultimate Burn Book that includes everyone in all of history, and it has the power to take over the world. However, there are some people who will do anything to get their hands on it. Write about what you do with the book and the results of your decision.
  12. Your teacher asks you for your homework, but you don’t have it! But you didn’t just lose it/forget it/throw it away. What happened to it?
  13. The jaguar doesn’t like your shirt, the giraffe ate your blanket, and the rabbits won’t go to sleep! Why did you ever agree to babysit these animals? Discuss this situation.
  14. A griffin shows up and starts eating everything in your house. What the heck, griffin. Write about your… adventure with this annoying griffin.
  15. A sphinx shows up, and it won’t stop telling riddles and eating anyone who answers wrong! Write about your… Adventure with this pesky sphinx.
  16. You’re a vampire, but you’re not a fan of blood. In fact, you’re a vegan. Write from this perspective/as this character.
  17. Somehow, you ended up in Antarctica, and the penguins and polar bears are starting a war over land. What did you do? How did you even get to Antarctica?
  18. Technology is taking over the world. The only way to stop it: Wear clothes from the eighties. Why that’s the only way is totally up to you.
  19. Everyone in the world starts dancing except you, and no one can stop. How will you save the world from endless dancing?
  20. You’re a dentist, and you’ve been asked to do a dental checkup on an elephant. Write about how that goes.
  21. A bunch of giant mutant gummy bears are eating all the chocolate! Write about your fight to stop them!
  22. “George Washington called. He wants his hair died.” You’re a hair stylist, and George Washington shows up at your shop wanting his hair died. Write about how that goes.
  23. You wake up, only to find yourself floating on your mattress in the middle of the Nile river. Not only that, but there are four hungry hungry hippos, and Cleopatra might be on that fancy boat coming towards you.
  24. Your best friend just found a voodoo doll of you. Write about the repercussions (my best friend suggested that they shove a pie in your face without actually touching the pie).
  25. You live in medieval Europe, and your King/Queen just declared war on the neighboring country because they prefer waffles over pancakes. Write from the perspective of the King/Queen’s main advisor.
  26. You’re part of a movie (your choice what movie), but you have no idea what’s going on. No one ever gave you a script! Everyone else knows what’s going on, but they won’t tell you. Write about what happens.
  27. You turn into the last thing you touched. Discuss how this occurence goes.
  28. You’ve discovered a pair of earmuffs that let you read minds. Tell the story of your adventures with these earmuffs.
  29. You’ve discovered an eraser that can erase objects from existence. Decide exactly how this eraser works and discuss your adventures with said eraser.
  30. Area 51 is real… And it’s run by bunnies. You are a photographer who wants to convince the world that they’re aliens. Tell your story.
  31. A random old man drags you into a parody of Wonderland (or Narnia, if you’d rather). Write about your experience.
  32. A moose is eating my shoes! How rude! We should get him some food. Could you?
  33. You’ve died, and you’re going back and forth between Heaven and Hell because no one wants you (sorry!). Describe your experience.
  34. Ants are carrying away your two year old sister to make her their Queen. What do you do?
  35. The Greek gods are drunk, and you have to keep them from destroying the world. Discuss your experience.
  36. Every time you Tweet something, it really happens! But they work like a genie‘s wishes in that your Tweets very rarely turn out the way you expect them to. Write about what you Tweet and the results/repercussions.
  37. You discuss hot dogs and hamburgers with an alien who entered our world through a painting.
  38. You discover clouds really are made of cotton candy, the moon is really made of cheese, and trees are really giant sticks of broccoli. What do you do with this information?
  39. Somehow, a store/shopping mall with all its merchandise still in it becomes your new home. Write about your experience.
  40. You wake up to find a mysterious package sitting on your kitchen table. You open it, and inside is… Van Gogh‘s cut-off ear, hung on a cord. And it just so happens that when you wear the ear, you can hear things that are normally silent. You can hear a rainbow, for example. Write about your experience with the ear.
  41. Every statue in the world comes to life. As in, they can talk and move whatever body parts they have. Write from the perspective of a museum curator.
  42. You work at a tattoo parlor. One day, the Queen of England shows up wanting a tattoo. How does everyone react? What tattoo does she get?
  43. There’s a skeleton in your closet. No, seriously. It’s playing dress-up with your clothes, and it’s asking you if you’ve got any doughnuts.
  44. The Easter Bunny shows up at your front door on Christmas Eve, pleading for your help because Santa‘s eaten too many cookies and can’t move, so he needs you to deliver the gifts. Write about… Whatever becomes of that.
  45. You’re going to be in the Olympics! Only problem? You have no clue how to play the sport you’re competing in, your teammates all speak another language, and you’re playing against monkeys. What could go wrong?
  46. Your favorite character just died, and as a result, the world will literally end (in some crazy way of your choice). Somehow, you have to convince the author/director to bring the character back to life before it’s too late.
  47. Your Grandma’s a drug lord, and she doesn’t even know it. How did you find out, and how will you break the news to her?
  48. The trees whisper to you… And they’ve got a ton of dirty gossip about the other plants, let me tell you! Write about what they tell you, or maybe even make it into a longer story!
  49. Turns out Mr. Snuggles, your favorite teddy bear, is actually a secret agent. Not only that, but you don’t know what side he’s on! You’ll have to find out!
  50. You’re a therapist, and Darth Vader is your newest patient. He needs some parenting advice, among other things. Write about your conversations and how you try to help him.