A Doodle for a Cause

My page of doodling for National Doodle Day.

As promised, here is my doodle/page of doodling for National Doodle Day!


So, I was gonna try just creating one image, but I don’t do well with stuff like that, so I just pulled out a writing pad last period (I had study hall, so I had plenty of time) and started doodling whatever wanted to be doodled.

This was the result.

I honestly don’t know what to make of it all, but… You know. Whatever. It’s the thought the counts.

I managed to turn the letters of my name into monsters of some sort. That made me very happy. I also drew the sun I always made when I was little. And when I say always, I mean always. Every paper from when I was in elementary school had a little sun with sunglasses in the corner.

Yeah, I was cool (not).

I started filling the corner up with flowers, but then they started becoming blurs of dots and squiggles, and I got bored. I ended up making a rendition of the Avengers symbol. My closest friend group kind of has a thing for them.

The heart balloons I sort of decided were my thing a long time ago. If I ever have a logo for anything, that will be it. So please don’t steal it from me or anything.

And the serpent thing’s name is Dan.

The rest has absolutely no rhyme or reason, which I guess is the usual outcome of doodling. Anyway, that’s my doodling for the day! Remember, if you created any doodles today, I’d love to see them!

Celebrate this wonderful day with me!