Notes on my Style

Because I don’t like putting notes with every poem I post, I think I’ll just put any general notes here. You know, the basic explanation/reasoning behind my poetry. I’ll find a way to make this a little less… Boring.

But for now, here you are!

  1. I generally write dark poetry. I don’t know why. I sort of just write whatever wants to be written, you know? If you think that means I should be put in an asylum, then please, be my guest.
  2. I often write as other people. Sometimes, I create a character and write from their perspective, or follow their story. Other times, I draw off of my own story and sort of warp it into someone else’s. Basically, I just write with my imagination. I just want to point this out so you don’t think I’m a killer.
  3. I’m not that great at free verse. Rhymes are easy. They make sense. I don’t understand why some people find rhyming poetry so difficult to write… I think free verse is crazy. Just writing what you think and not worrying about rhymes? That’s crazy talk!
  4. I mess around… a lot. Crazy things happen when I get bored. Crazy things… And now I get to share the nonsense with you. (Insert evil laugh)
  5. I like to play with style. It’ll be obvious pretty soon that I don’t have one specific style. Why should I? I’m a poet (or I like to think I am). I write whatever I feel the poem needs. I am a servant to my words.
  6. Poe is my poetry idol. If I could share a pizza with any dead famous person, it’d be him.
  7. I write what wants to be written. I rarely use prompts when writing unless they speak to me. I also can’t write what I want to write. I literally only write what wants to be written.

So, if you were curious about why my poetry is the way it is… Well, this probably didn’t help at all, but oh well! I tried!