The Hidden Oracle

I love the relationships you build with characters… But I also hate them.

I love Rick Riordan‘s writing.

Seriously, I love it. I love his style. I love how he creates his characters. I love how his books are not only entertaining, but they teach you about mythology.

But most of all, I love the relationships you build with the characters from the moment you meet them.

However, that’s also the thing I hate most of all.

See, I’ve been reading Rick’s books since middle school and have read all of them by this point. Even The Hidden Oracle, which just came out yesterday. Yes, I’ve already finished it. I read too fast to remember much of the plot (don’t worry, I’ll be re-reading it at a slower pace later), but I do remember multiple details that stood out to me.


Anyway, after reading all of his books, I have many developed many different relationships with the characters. Some relationships are good. Some not so good. Some started off good, then got not so good.

I was met with many of these relationships while reading The Hidden Oracle, and I feel the need to share my reactions with all of you.

WARNING: The rest of this post WILL include SPOILERS. If you have not read the book yet, DO NOT READ PAST THIS POINT. Thank you.

  • Sally Jackson: Just like with every other PJ fan, Sally Jackson holds a special place in my heart. She’s the perfect person without being overly perfect. She’s kind, intelligent, strong, protective, loving, loyal, and even a bit sassy at times. Not to mention, she’s an amazing cook who can make anything blue, she worked in a candy shop to make a living, she raised a son of Poseidon on her own, and she’s about to publish her first novel!

All we’ve ever wanted was for her to be happy. Now, finally, our prayers have been answers. Because oh my gosh Sally Jackson is pregnant, seven months pregnant, oh my gosh this is the best thing ever and it’s gonna be a girl!!!!!!!!

  • Percy Jackson: His sassiness will forever bring me joy.
  • Annabeth Chase: Haha, Magnus Chase reference! She’s dealing with family business in Boston! Haha, love it!!!
  • Solangelo: Yeah, I’m not separating these two. Literally, the thing I was most excited for in regards to this book was that Solangelo would finally be canon. They’re just so perfect… Honestly, I think I’m a bigger fan of Solangelo than Percabeth, and that is seriously saying something!

By the way, you think we could convince Rick to write a short story featuring Nico and Will at some point after they started dating? Seriously, as much as I loved what I got from The Hidden Oracle, I need more!!!

  • Leo Valdez: And this is where it gets rocky.

So when I first read The Lost Hero, the second I read that first line about Leo, I was completely taken. By the end of the first chapter, I realized I had fallen in love. With a fictional character. Like, seriously? Who falls in love with a fictional character? People can develop crushes, sure, but I was in love! As in, heart skipping beats, butterflies in my stomach, stupid smile on my face, and silly fangirl giggles whenever he was so much as mentioned.

Yeah, I’d fallen hard. I decided Leo was my official boyfriend, even if he wasn’t real. I could pretend, at least until the end of the series. It would be fine. Great, even! And when I found out he would be the seventh wheel, the only one without a girlfriend, I was ecstatic! I wouldn’t even have to contend with anyone!

(At this point, you might be thinking I’m a bit off my rocker. This is very true. Sadly, I have not been admitted to an institute yet.)

And then, Calypso happened. The whole time I was reading that part, my stomach was slowly curling in dread, but my mind kept telling me, no, you don’t need to worry! Every other girl has turned him down! It’ll be fine!

And then she kissed him. And he swore on the River Styx to return for her.

And my heart shattered.

I imagine what I felt is what girls feel like when the guy they’re in love with finds another girl. I imagine what I felt is what Nico felt like when Percy started dating Annabeth. Percy didn’t know Nico liked him, but he still broke Nico’s heart. Leo didn’t know I even existed because he’s fictional, but he still broke my heart.

By the end of the series, I thought I had come to terms with my heartbreak. I thought I was over it. But then, The Hidden Oracle happens and Leo shows up. I had thought that his appearance would be small and short-lived, but no! He comes back and, suddenly, he and stupid, perfect Calypso are going on that stupid quest with Apollo! Like, seriously Rick? Seriously?

Not to mention, they’re coming to Indiana. Seriously, come on! Right when they’re actually coming to me… Why does Calypso have to go? She’s a stupid mortal now, she’ll be useless! Apollo’s one thing, she’s a whole ‘nother thing entirely!

I know I’m being a bit of a brat about this whole thing, but I really hate Calypso now. The stupid, perfect, good-for-nothing…


Happy reading!

Picture source: Riordan Wiki

Author: Hope Cullers

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