To them, I’m lost and brilliant.

I’m smart and my future is bright,

But they act like I don’t know who I am

And they have to teach me what’s right.


To them, I’m quiet and different.

I’m weird and overly nice.

When I speak, I’m a little too peppy

And, in the end, I’m not worth their time.


To them, I’m innocent and naïve.

I’m ignorant when it comes to life.

They think my smile holds nothing but joy.

They know nothing of my inner strife.


To them, I’m hyper and stupid.

I’m always talking and moving around.

I’m attention deficit, so they call me dumb.

Now I won’t make a sound.


To him, I’m annoying and worthless,

Nothing but dirt on his shoe.

Everything I do is wrong, wrong, wrong!

And everything he says is true.


To her, I’m wise and crazy,

Immature, lively, and strong.

I’m a friend, no, a sister,

And I can be both right and wrong.


To me, I’m iridescent.

I won’t deny anything they say,

For every person has a different view.

A thousand words a picture portrays.


Picture source: Flickr

My poetry belongs to me. All poems under the category “Poetry by Me” are mine. Use of my poetry without my permission is prohibited. If you wish to use any my poetry for any reason, ask me for permission first.

Author: Hope Alexandra Cullers

I'm an aspiring writer and relatively seasoned traveler who only wishes to see, experience, and learn more. I'm ADD, HSP, a perfectionist, and an extroverted introvert. I'm learning to accept and live with severe anxiety, and am super supportive of anyone with mental health problems. I'm crazy about the idea of perspectives, find joy in the little things, and make it my personal mission to see the beauty is everything. Welcome to my blog, and thank you for taking the time to visit! Remember, carpe diem!

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