Love and War


Present, arms!

The battle’s begun;


the fight’s with your heart.

Port, arms!

Forward, march!

Follow me,

or be torn apart.

We must stand together

in our fight against love.

The arrows are gone,

replaced by guns.

The bombs are falling

in a nuclear roar.

Battle stations, ready!

This is war.

*(This was a fun poem to write. It just sort of started one day, and it only took a little bit of research to really come together. I really like it. It’s just kind of fun, you know?)

Picture source: Cranberry Chronicles — Christ’s Pearl

My poetry belongs to me. All poems under the category “Poetry by Me” are mine. Use of my poetry without my permission is prohibited. If you wish to use any my poetry for any reason, ask me for permission first.


Author: Hope Alexandra Cullers

I'm an aspiring writer and relatively seasoned traveler who only wishes to see, experience, and learn more. I'm ADD, HSP, a perfectionist, and an extroverted introvert. I'm crazy about the idea of perspectives, find joy in the little things, and make it my personal mission to see the beauty is everything. Welcome to my blog, and thank you for taking the time to visit! Remember, carpe diem!

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