Today’s Holiday: Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk Day

February 11, 2016


Do you think I could use today as an excuse not to do homework?

Probably not, but I’ll have to see. After all, today is Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk Day (as you can see from the title)!


This might be one of my favorite days of the year. Not only do I absolutely love (as in, I drink about a gallon a week of) milk, but this is a day meant to be stress-free.

Yeah, you read that right. Today is a stress-free day. The whole point of this holiday is to just let go. Forget all your past mistakes, let go of your worries, take a deep breath and let out all of your stress.

Take a page from The Lion King and live your life with Hakuna matata!

It ain’t no passing craze, you know.

And on that note, you should know I’m celebrating today by making the instructors play that song at Guard practice tonight.

And, of course, I’ll start singing along and dancing like an idiot because I can and I know it’ll help my girls relax. And, of course, if it’ll help my girls in any way, I’ll do it.

Otherwise, I’ve done a pretty good job lately of letting go of stress and just being positive. Any time something makes me nervous, I laugh about it and let go of any fear I might have. Whenever I feel overwhelmed, I take a break and either write or watch funny videos to release some of the stress and tension.

I decided a while back that I want to be happy, and I’ve been seeking out ways to complete that mission ever since. Today is really just the day I get to spread my optimism to the rest of the world.

Like I said a while back, carpe diem!

Have a wonderful day of celebration!


Picture Source: myCNAjobs


Author: Hope Alexandra Cullers

I'm an aspiring writer and relatively seasoned traveler who only wishes to see, experience, and learn more. I'm ADD, HSP, a perfectionist, and an extroverted introvert. I'm crazy about the idea of perspectives, find joy in the little things, and make it my personal mission to see the beauty is everything. Welcome to my blog, and thank you for taking the time to visit! Remember, carpe diem!

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