What the Heck Happened to the Comb?!?

A continuation of my post “In a Bamboo Grove” (may contain spoilers).

Yeah, I decided to go into that separate rant I mentioned.

If you haven’t read my post entitled “In a Bamboo Grove”, then here’s a little background:

In Ryūnosuke Akutagawa’s short story “In a Bamboo Grove”, a comb is mentioned by the woodcutter in his testimony about the murder that serves as the basis of the story. He states that he was the one to find the body, and all he found with it was a rope and a comb. That comb is never mentioned again by any of the other characters.

So, my question is, what happened to the comb?


I have many thoughts surrounding the comb, and I’ve had many discussions with one of my friends about it (check out her blog here! https://madelynejacks.wordpress.com), but I still haven’t come to a conclusion that I really like.

The most likely conclusion is that the comb fell the wife’s hair when she was being raped. It was most likely a Japenese comb, and though it is never mentioned if she was wearing a comb or not, it is relatively likely.

However, the problem with this possibility is that we don’t know if the wife was actually raped or not, and if she was, a veil was on her head as well, covering her face. If the comb had fallen from her hair, wouldn’t the veil have fallen too?

Actually, the veil must have because the others could see the wife’s face. So why wasn’t the veil found? Why was it only the comb.

And if the comb had been in the woman’s hair and fallen, why was it never mentioned again? Why did only the woodcutter notice it?

There’s also possible that the woodcutter’s testimony is wrong and he didn’t find a comb, but that possibility seems unlikely. The woodcutter’s testimony is mostly based on facts. He had no reason to make anything up.

You could argue that no one noticed the comb because it seemed rather small and unimportant, but that doesn’t seem right. One, Japenese combs were and are very pretty and rather noticeable, in my opinion. The comb probably looked similar to the image near the start of this post. And two, once again.

Why was it only the woodcutter who noticed it?!?!?

It just doesn’t add up. Something’s up with that comb, and I’m desperate to find out. If anyone has any theories, let me know.

Together, we can solve the mystery of the comb.


Author: Hope Cullers

I'm an aspiring writer and relatively seasoned traveler who only wishes to see, experience, and learn more. I'm ADD, HSP, a perfectionist, and an extroverted introvert. I'm crazy about the idea of perspectives, find joy in the little things, and make it my personal mission to see the beauty is everything. Welcome to my blog, and thank you for taking the time to visit! Remember, carpe diem!

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